Friday, 22 June 2007


A unique climate change project was launched this month as a thirty foot steel structure in Kirkup Gardens in Wythenshawe opened its doors to the public. 'The PowerStation' has been made from five shipping containers and is the HQ for the 'Wythenshawe Forever!' (w4e!) project that is engaging local residents in producing a 'Party Without Pollution' on Saturday 14th July. People living and working in the area are being asked to save enough energy so that the area can host the UK's first ever public festival that will not contribute to climate change. Household energy surveys, local food growing, zero-carbon publishing and knitting warm clothes are just some of the activities on offer.

Painted white and green the PowerStation reads 'We need your energy' and has been designed by a team of artists, architects and local people. There was the opportunity to use the worlds only bike powered photocopier, see solar oven demonstrations and the opportunity to visit a food miles project on Woodhouse Park allotments on Maismore Road.

Run by community radio station Wythenshawe FM 97.2. Wythenshawe Forever! is working with people all over Wythenshawe to help save energy or to create new energy in clean, renewable ways. The project will be adding up how much saved power has accumulated and in July will use it to put on a festival called "The Party Without Pollution". The more energy ‘generated’, the better the party.

The Party Without Pollution will take place on Saturday July 14th 2007 12pm-6pm at Kirkup Gardens, on Simonsway, opposite Parklands School. Everyone is invited and entry is free of charge. There will be fun activities and performances, showing how we saved and created enemy to power the The Power Station is the base for Wythenshawe Forever! and the venue for the Party Without Pollution. Leading up to the Party in July there will be a variety of activities going on at the Power Station. find out more about the project and how you can get involved ring Eleanor on 436 4165.